About Drink Discovery Walks

Want to learn more about your favorite drink whilst enjoying tasting Sydney’s inner city craft drink makers? Then these experiences are for you!

Our self guided drink walking tours will have you solving clues, puzzles and riddles, taking you on a journey of discovering Sydney’s best selection of your favorite drink.

How Does It Work?

Drink Options

We’ve partnered with some of the best beer brewers & winemakers in your city to help you expand your knowledge and pallet in a fun and memorable way.

Will you indulge in fine wines? Or perhaps check out the latest and greatest craft beers?

Pick your favorite drink for the day, and get started! The city is your oyster...

Discover your favorite drink

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Walking Wine Tour

$70 per Person

  • Discover and taste every day and premium local wines without heading out to a wine region!

  • Allow 2-3 hours to enjoy this experience

  • 4 pre-planned, paid and arranged tastings

  • Food can be purchased along the way

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Behind the Brew

$70 per Person

  • Discover some of Sydney’s most amazing craft beers in a fun and unique way!

  • Allow 2-3 hours to enjoy this experience

  • 4 pre-planned, paid and arranged tastings

  • Food can be purchased along the way

  • NOTE: This experience is available on Fridays (5pm start time), and Sundays (all day).

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How Does It Work?

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1. Pick your choice of drink

Feel like a hoppy brew? Or perhaps a mellow Merlot?

Pick the flavour of the day by selecting a drink type from the options above.

The city is your oyster!

Mystery food walk - HIW 2.png

2. Solve clues and riddles

On the day of your experience you will receive clues, which will guide you from each watering hole to the next.

We will also include some non-drink recommendations we think you'll like, so you get to explore more than just drinks!

Mystery food walk - HIW 3.png

3. Enjoy your experience!

Everything in this experience has been arranged for you. 

We'll pre-pay and arrange the tastings, so all you need to do is solve clues and show up!


Have a Question About This Experience?
Just ask!

Our Amazing Concierge Team would be happy to help answer any questions you may have, so feel free to reach out!


Ready to walk and discover?

Select your drink of the day from the different options above, and book online to get going!