Family Haircut Night


Family Haircut Night

from 150.00

This is going to sound simple but trust us, this has all the usual Amazing magic! This is all about turning the mundane into quality family time!

Our Amazing at-home family haircut nights take the hassle out of this chore and instead make it a super fun family activity! We send along a talented hairdresser who is also great with kids to come along and host a haircut night the whole family will love!

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Family Size:
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How Does It Work?

  • Our super fun hairdresser will come to your home to deliver stunning haircuts for everyone

  • While each individual is having their haircut we host board game challenges and conversation starters that the whole family participate in

  • Convenient and fun!   

  • Our hairdresser will bring everything else and tidy up afterwards too


What's Included

  • Haircuts for 2 adults and 2 children (addition people optional)
  • A super fun and talented hairdresser host

  • Games, props and conversation starters

  • 2 hour duration

What You'll Need To Provide

An area for the haircutting to happen! Typically a family dining room is perfect assuming it is non-carpeted, has a table for the board games and chairs for all.