Behind the Brew

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Behind the Brew

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Brew lover? Ale fan? Lager enthusiast? Then our Behind the Brew experience is made for you!

Throughout the day you’ll get to stop by at 4 different breweries or beer bars around Melbourne City, and try some of their best crafts. And not only that, you’ll also get to have some fun solving clues and riddles to uncover each stop on the way.

Your Behind the Brew includes;
- Fun and flexible itinerary for the day, or evening
- 4 Prepaid and pre-arranged tastings at a mix of breweries and beer bars
- Bonus stops at special locations for an extra fun twist
- Recommendations for what to do next!

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  • 4 Beer Tastings at a mix of breweries and beer bars

  • Clues, riddles and puzzles to find each new stop on the way

  • Secret stops between bars where you'll discover more hidden gems

  • Tailored recommendations for what to do after!

Important Information

The entire experience will be pre-booked and arranged for you! There are only a couple of things to note; 

  • This is a walking tour, but no worries - you don't need to be super fit! The routes are between 1-3km total walking across 3 hours, so not too exhausting. We recommend you to favour the walking shoes, and there’s always public transport options available if the walk is getting too long.

  • The experience takes about 2-3 hours, but you can take longer if you want!

  • Please note that there’s no food included in this experience, but we do encourage you to pick something up along the way (there will be plenty of options between stops).

  • This is an 18+ experience. We’re not responsible for ensuring you are of age, so remember to bring your ID along for the ride!

Experience Summary

Brew lover? Ale fan? Lager enthusiast? Then you’ll love our Behind the Brew experience!

Over the course of roughly 2-3 hours, you’ll get to taste lots of amazing craft beers at some of Melbourne’s best breweries and beer bars. We’ll have 4 pre-arranged tastings for you to enjoy, so there is definitely going to be lots of flavours and opportunities to learn more about this fantastic drink.

This experience is fully self-guided, so you’ll get to decide the pace of the day yourself. And to keep some fun we’re not completely giving your stops away! To find each next location, you’ll work with your friends - or partner - to solve clues, riddles and puzzles.

We’ll also include some bonus stops to make the walk even more fun and interesting. And at the end of your journey we’ll include our tailored recommendations for what’s next!